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We have experience on strategic planning for transport analysis, applied engineering, environmental analysis and economics. We are specialized in the next areas:

  • Transit planning.
  • Traffic planning.
  • Road impact.
  • Cost-Benefit analysis.
  • Fare planning in public transport.
  • Financial analysis.
  • Logistics.
  • Drinking water supply systems.
  • Renewable energy.
  • Environmental analysis.
  • Training.

Our experience in these areas allows us to offer high quality services.


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A regional transport model where the mobility of passengers and freight is represented by the flow of vehicles in a network. The main goal is to determine the amount of vehicles in a new road with different payment rates and infrastructure scenarios.

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Transport model that represents the mobility of passengers into metropolitan area over a period of time that represents the maximal demand conditions in terms of load. The purpose can be the diagnosis of public transport services or the evaluation of new service modes.

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Evaluate side effects on vehicle traffic caused by buildings, road construction, real estate development or any construction work. The primary aim is to reduce negative effects on pedestrian and vehicular flows.

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Focusing on transportation projects, it’s a thorough search of social benefits in term of time saving and vehicle operating costs.

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Consider different fare prices for specific mass transit systems so that it is socially acceptable and financially sustainable.

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Financial modeling of a project by its potential income, includes the best financing conditions.
We help private or public entities to know the project's financial behavior month by month, whether, planning before building, current projects or project concession renewal.

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We focus on two main scopes:
Delivery routes in order to minimize travel distances, fuel consumption and time span.
Supply chain analysis.

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We teach the next courses:

  • Modeling drinking water systems (EPANET software).
  • Introduction to public transport studies.
  • GIS fundamentals for transport models.
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Drinking water modelling in order to create a diagnosis for each element in the supply system (water catchment, pipes, tanks, distribution network, pump stations), if necessary we can establish an action plan for improving the system.
These models can help to assess operational policies, build new infrastructure and changes in the supply system.

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Offering the next services:

  • Evaluating renewable energy resources (eolic, solar, hydraulic).
  • Renewable plant energy estimate.
  • Renewal resources remote measurement.
  • Advisory on the local legal framework.
  • Due diligence for investment feasibility considering technical, economics and financial aspects.
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We have an expert network in several topics such as: habitat fragmentation, landscape analysis, population & community ecology, carbon footprint, climate change and conservation biology.

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Traffic analysis focused on urban, highway and mix process. Design, improvement, efficiency, loss and reconversion of main traffic lanes and pedestrian spaces through design oriented to transport, live quality and United Nations vision 2030.


ProModel is a simulation software for manufacture, logistics, transport systems, passenger stations, between others.


• Transport Demanda Study for the Macrotunel of Acapulco.
• Pre-feasibility, preliminary and preliminary project studies of an urban transport system by cable (cable car) in the municipalities of Monterrey, N.L. and San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L.
• Planning model of private transport project for the Cancun-Tulum corridor.
• Demand study of the Badiraguato-Parral section (From km 103 + 000 to km 140 + 000), in the State of Sinaloa.
• Demand study of the Topolobampo-Ojinaga section, Huites Dam Bridge, in the state of Sinaloa.
• Microsumulation of the Mineral del Monte intersection, in the state of Hidalgo.
• Estimation of variables for Cost Benefit Analysis of the project Av. De las Flores - Av. México - Av. Federation, Urban District 3, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
• Demand estimation for public transport passengers in the Tizayuca-Pachuca corridor.
• Development & design of mobile apps for data collection & labeling either in-situ or ex-situ, e.g., pavement, plants, soli, etc., almost all kind of samples.
• Crime mapping of the state of Tamaulipas
• Technical and financial feasibility study to concession the construction of the Tepic-Compostela highway.
• Transport modeling of Line 1 of the Electric Train of Guadalajara, using Group Rapid Transit vehicles.
• Demand study of the Conurbated Circuit Interconnection section: Prolongation of West Bypass of the Tampico-Luis Donaldo Colosio Corridor.
• Microsimulation of 10 intersections in the Mexico-San Luis Potosí Highway to determine the level of service and estimate the road impact for operation of a Bus Rapid Transit service.


• GIS and Logistics Expert
Bachelor in Foreign Trade and Customs.
Coordinates fieldwork, calculates vehicle operation costs, social evaluation of projects, cost-benefit analysis, GIS network analysis, logistics, supply chain modelling and strategic planning.
• Expert on Modelling Transport Systems, Drinking Water Networks:
Civil engineer, Master of Engineering (Transport Systems Engineering).
Transport and hydraulic consulting, modelling drinking water systems, modelling transport, traffic micro-simulation, project management, software teaching, software development, design of surveys for origin-destination, stated preference and transport user opinion.
•Electonics, Software Development and Environmental Analysis Expert:
Two bachelor degrees: Electric and Electronic Engineering, Physical Anthropology. Master of Science (Environmental Biology).
Software development for web, desktop and mobile apps, design any kind of survey (closed, open, qualitative or quantitative), environmental impact assessment from social, biological and engineering perspectives, development of embedded systems with microprocessors, FPGA’s and CPLD devices.
• Planning and Quality Management Expert:
Business administrator, Master of Educative Technology, specialist in quality management (ISO 9001) by the European Quality Assurance.
Airport services, airport administration management, quality management consulting, teaching courses at UAM (Metropolitan Autonomous University), faculty member of the Department of Economics at UAM.
•Energy expert:
Civil engineer, Master of renewable Energy, Design of Electrical Markets and Energetic Integration Diplomaed.
Design and evaluation of renewal energy systems (eolic, solar, hydraulic and hybrid systems), green energy project management, author of two books “Energías Renovables. Una Perspectiva Ingenieril” (Renewable Energy, An Engineering Perspective) (2004) and “Energía Eólica Para Generación Eléctrica” (Eolic Energy For Electrical Generation) (2015). Award winner of “El Premio de Ingeniería de la Ciudad de México 2010” (Engineering Award of Mexico City 2010) for the proposal “Un Parque Eólico para la Ciudad de México” (An Eolic Park for Mexico City).
•Mobility expert:
Bachelor on Business Administration (Universidad Iberoamericana).
Analysis and Development in Operation Process. Quality Management in Operation Process. Efficient Road Operation at Urban and Highway traffic. Intelligent Transport Systems. Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System. Integrated Project son Mobility considering pedestrian priority, no motorized transport, goods and service transport, public massive transport and private. City Brand.


• Environmental Analysis Expert:
Bachelor in Biology.
Environmental consulting and analysis, urban development, project management, environmental complaints and violations, GIS-based landscape analysis, cartography and classification of land use, conservation biology.
• Financial Analysis Expert:
Civil engineer, Master of Bussines Administration.
Financial project manager on telecommunication and bank institutions, financial project analysis of public transport systems and fare planning.

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